Free Flags at Independence Day Parade

The Fulton VFW Men’s Auxiliary will give away small American flags for spectators to wave during the first annual Independence Day parade through downtown Fulton on Wednesday, July 4.

Parade organizer David Beaver, commander of Fulton American Legion Post 210, said the VFW Men’s Auxiliary has purchased about 1,500 four-by-five inch American flags to be given away along the parade route to people wanting to wave them.

An antique Missouri National Guard staff car will also make an appearance at the parade.

“The parade is generating a lot of interest,” Beaver said. “We hope to start organizing this a lot earlier next year and it will be even bigger and better.”

“This year we especially want to honor all military veterans. We are urging any veteran to ride in the parade on straw bales we are placing on truck trailers. We will have one or more trailers for each branch of service. Debo Funeral home is providing cold water bottles for participants riding in the parade,” Beaver said.



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