Dept of Mo Forms

    Dept of Mo now has 22 forms available in the forms site.  At the top of this page under e-mail forms tab or The available forms are: License Plate Form Post Inspection Report Form Quarterly Audit Report Form Buddy Poppy Order Form VSO Report Form Inspector Voucher Community Activity Report Form Post Visit […] Continue reading →

Gift for your veteran for Christmas?

Comrades,     Trying to think of a gift for your veteran for Christmas?  How about a gift that will last a lifetime?  A Life Membership in the one and only veterans organization that is dedicated to helping veterans and their families.  A Life Membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of […] Continue reading →


In This Issue: 1. President Signs Advanced Funding Bill 2. Retroactive Stop Loss Payments Begin 3. VFW Urges Russia to Support POW/MIA Commission 4. FY11 IB Critical Issues Now Online 5. VFW Testifies on Key Senate Bills 6. House VA Subcommittee Action To read the full text go to: Mo Legislative Updates Continue reading →

New Look to the VFW WebCom Network

    Knoot at the Dept of Wisconsin produced this video but all the Mo Weblogs work the same.  Watch the video and it will explain all about the new drop down menu system that is currently on all the Mo WebLogs.  He has done an excellent job explaining how it all works. Continue reading →