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Avenue of Flags has deeper meaning

The Cape Girardeau County Avenue of Flags is a beautiful and patriotic tribute. On certain holidays, you can’t help but notice the star-spangled row of banners that lines the road at Cape Girardeau County Park North. But the story of the flags goes a bit deeper than a visual display celebrating the country on holidays. […] Continue reading →

Dept of Mo Forms

    Dept of Mo now has 22 forms available in the forms site.  At the top of this page under e-mail forms tab or The available forms are: License Plate Form Post Inspection Report Form Quarterly Audit Report Form Buddy Poppy Order Form VSO Report Form Inspector Voucher Community Activity Report Form Post Visit […] Continue reading →

Gift for your veteran for Christmas?

Comrades,     Trying to think of a gift for your veteran for Christmas?  How about a gift that will last a lifetime?  A Life Membership in the one and only veterans organization that is dedicated to helping veterans and their families.  A Life Membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of […] Continue reading →