Our House Foundation

"Our House” Foundation is dedicated to improving lives of our newly disabled veterans injured while on active duty status stateside or, injured while deployed overseas and are returning.

Since 2001, our troops, while on active duty, have been injured either stateside in preparation of, or during their overseas deployment.

Too often these injuries result in permanent disabilities for these brave soldiers. The transition from soldier to disabled civilian is a war they were not trained for; a war that is leaving these defenders of freedom hopeless and sometimes homeless.

Although there are veterans’ hospitals in the state for the “more involved/serious” problems, the hospitals have not been able to transition the veteran from a war-time state of mind to a peace-time consciousness with its day-to-day stresses and concerns. Some organizations have implemented ideas and programs to help the disabled veteran however, their ideas have enjoyed only limited success because the “entire / whole” of the veterans’ circumstances are not incorporated into their rehabilitation. The difference in our approach is in the environment. OHF’s mission is addressing the whole person – mind, body, their expression of spirit and, those who care for them.

Offering a hands-on, experiential component will allow the veteran men and women the freedom to heal – wholly. Utilizing the specialties of the various local agencies, the vocational and socialization skills training will be coupled with preparatory and a quasi protected work environment; permitting the soldiers the necessary freedom and time to re-establish confidence and self-esteem essential for their return to a more independent and productive life style.

To learn more about this foundation and it’s mission go to Our House Foundation

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