VFW Washington Weekly, May 19, 2008

1. House Passes New GI Bill/ Senate to Vote This Week
Despite the surprise defeat of the war supplemental funding package in the House last week, the VFW-backed GI Bill did pass in a separate vote by 256-166. This week, the Senate is expected to take up its version of the war supplemental – possibly Tuesday or Wednesday.

Please contact your Senators and urge them to include S. 22 in the War Supplemental – this language provides a GI Bill much like the WWII comprehensive education package. VFW has made this a priority goal. We are so close, but we need your help. Call your Senators today – tell them to vote YES in support of this GI Bill, S. 22. It is the right thing to do for today and tomorrow’s veterans!


Use this link to find contact information for your Senators: http://capwiz.com/vfw/dbq/officials/

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