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Serving the communities of Platte City, Weston, Edgerton, Dearborn, Tracy and Camden Point

“Honor, Courage, and Commitment”

Memorial Day – May 28, 2018

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.” – General George S. Patton
What is Memorial Day about? Here are some quick facts…
  • Memorial Day is a national holiday set aside to honor military service members who died fighting in a war.  It is sometimes confused with Veterans Day. On Veterans Day, November 11, we thank and honor those who served in the military.
  • Memorial day was initially called Decoration Day because graves were decorated with flowers and flags. In May of 1874, Mrs. Laura D. Richardson of Knoxville, Tennessee, Chairperson of a committee to obtain flowers for decorating the graves in the national cemetery of Knoxville, saw flags in a store window. She had an idea and subsequently purchased the flags and had the local lumber mill provide the wood for tiny flagpoles. This began the movement to decorate graves with flags. It was changed to Memorial Day to put the emphasis on the Fallen, not the graves.
  • Flags In takes place at Arlington National Cemetery and the U.S. Soldier’s and Airmen’s Home National Cemetery every Friday before Memorial Day. The 3rd U.S. Infantry (The Old Guard) honors the Fallen by placing American flags before the gravestones and niches of service members buried there. It takes approximately three hours to place the flags in front of more than 260,000 gravestones. The Old Guard soldiers remain in the cemetery throughout the weekend to ensure that a flag remains at each gravestone.

My name is Robert Munsey, Commander of Post 4055 located in in District 3 of the Department of Missouri.  It is our philosophy that the ‘family of veterans’ takes care of each other on a daily basis and always strives to help each other in times of need. 

Who are we?

Every member of the VFW is a warrior, a combat veteran that is currently or has served and defended the ideals and freedoms of our Constitution by helping to defeat our countries enemies. We continue to serve and strengthen our great nation with the ongoing programs and commitments across the USA, in our individual states, and more importantly, in our local communities where we reside.

We are your neighbors, co-workers, business persons, teachers, family members and friends in your community. We are easy to identify. Simply look for the person with a firm salute and a tear in the corner of their eye when Taps or the Star Spangled Banner is played. We are forever caretakers of our beloved United States of America. We welcome you to join us.

Serving our fellow veterans

One of our core missions is to serve our fellow veterans, regardless of service.  Our VFW Post has a Veteran Service Officer, Mr. Marlin Legault (Email:, who will be happy to assist any veterans and family members of veterans to obtain assistance for those qualified to receive it.

Veterans do not have to be a VFW member to receive VA Benefits.  Contact any VFW member and they will assist you in contacting a Veteran Service Officer.

Post 4055 also encourages those seeking assistance to contact our full time Veterans Service Officer, Lloyd Blair at (816) 922-2881. Lloyd serves our veterans on a daily basis from his office located at the Kansas City VA Hospital on Linwood Blvd, in Kansas City, MO.

Serving the community

Platte City is located in one of the fastest growing areas of the Kansas City metro region. We are located approximately 10 miles east of Fort Leavenworth and the Veteran Administration’s Eisenhower Medical Center in Leavenworth.  Many veterans, both active and retired, call Platte City and the surrounding communities home.

Our post works closely with the many organizations and businesses in Platte County.  Whether supporting local scouting organizations with citizenship classes or distributing poppies at local businesses, the VFW in Platte City continues to be an enduring presence.

In addition, the post collaborates with our local schools to encourage participation in the VFW’s Patriots Pen program. Our post is also looking towards greater involvement with the local school district to make our members available for classroom discussion.

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If you are a veteran, a family member of a veteran or know of a veteran in need, please encourage them to contact us, or notify us and we will contact them to see how we can help. They do not have to be a member of the VFW for us to help.

I invite all combat veterans that are not yet members of the VFW to contact the Post Commander by phone at (816) 721-7310 or email at .  Do not hesitate to contact any member of the VFW so we can answer any questions that you may have on how you too can be of service to your fellow veterans or how you can receive Veteran Benefits.

The District 3 Commander is Robert Kirtley, (816) 238-5007 and the Dept. of Missouri, VFW Commander Ruben Armenta, Phone: 417-270-0069, email: We serve the needs of veterans, both active duty and those who have served.

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