Flag Etiquette – 9/11/17

Member’s VFW Post 4398 held their annual Flag Etiquette class at Sunrise Elementary School in Richmond, MO. on 9/11/17.  Service officer James Rippy conducted the classes with the assistance of Cdr. Larry Brune, Sr. Vice Cdr. Bill Robinson, QM David Klaassen  members James Richardson and Charles Caldwell.  With 122 students, the classes were held in two sessions with 72 in the first group and 50 in the second.  

Service officer James Rippy told the students about the beginnings off the flag and what each color of the flag represents.  David Klaassen and James Richardson then showed the students the proper way to fold the flag.  Afterwards the students were broken up into small groups and given a chance to fold the flag with a veteran helping.  At the end of the class, each student was presented with a Flag Etiquette pamphlet, a 6″ ruler and a 4″ x 6″ flag of their own.

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