Kennett VFW honors Troop E

On Tuesday night, the Kennett Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 5443, honored members of Troop E of the Missouri State Highway Patrol at its monthly meeting.

Before the meeting officially came to order, Post Commander Phillip Greenway said that he wanted to challenge all of the posts throughout Missouri to honor all of their law enforcement officers in some way.

With all that has happened in the last year, Sgt. Dennis Rainey was thankful when Greenway called and asked if some of the officers from Poplar Bluff could make it to the meeting. “We realize that there have been some things said directed toward law enforcement that does not place them in a good light,” said Rainey. “It weighs heavy on our minds and hearts, but then there is a huge majority in the local community that are very supportive.” He added that he has had random people come up to him and shake his hand, thanking him for his service. “It makes us feel good, and we really appreciate it.”

Greenway praised the work officers, both young and old, have done during their service whether it was in one year or over many years. “Dennis (Sgt. Rainey) was a mentor for a young boy that I’m very proud of, Tyler Daugherty, who is now a second lieutenant in the 101st Airborne now,” said Greenway. “Dennis helped him get there.” He then added that, “And Freddie (Cpl. Freddie Butler), is a highway patrolman, but Freddie also prays with people sometimes. Many people don’t associate the uniform with praying, but sometimes when you cannot turn anywhere else, you can turn up.”

Photo by Laura Ford, staff Members of VFW Post 5443 honored members of Troop E, Missouri State Highway Patrol on Tuesday, in order to show its support for local law enforcement. The VFW plans to host the Dunklin County Sheriff’s and Kennett Police departments in subsequent meetings.
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