Post 5468 to Vote on an Auxiliary !!

On 23 August 2017,  Eureka Memorial Post 5468 was graced with the presence of Auxiliary State Chief of Staff Jackie Davis to speak on the formation of an Auxiliary Unit. Eureka has been exploring this for a few years now and this year, interest has finally picked up. We gained a good number of both men and Women who are highly interested and excited to do just that.

With tonight’s Meeting and highly informative presentation from Jackie Davis, all preliminary questions were answered. From all in tonight’s attendance, there is an eager anticipation of good things to come. The Post voted to continue the process by authorizing the mailing of Notices on the Intent to Vote on the Formation of an Auxiliary Unit. This mailing is required by the National By Laws. The Vote will be held at our next regular Post meeting on September 27.

So, During Eureka Days, come by the VFW Post 5468 Information Booth to find out more about an opportunity to become Charter Members in our Auxiliary!!!!!!!

Basic guide for Eligibility, in in your Family, you have a Member who is a Veteran who is Eligible for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Grandson, or Granddaughter, any or all would be Eligible.

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