the Veterans Memorial Garden Phase 2 is Holding a Poker Run on 24 June 2017

On 24 June 2017, the Veterans Memorial Garden Phase 2 is holding a Poker Run !!!! This Run is open to All Vehicles. Preregistration will be held at the Eureka Feed Station, St Clair VFW Post 2482, Washington VFW Post 2661, Pacific Legion Post 320, and JP’s Sports Bar and Grill in Eureka.


The Overall course will run from Kircher Park in Eureka, then St Clair VFW Post 2482, then Washington VFW Post 2661, then the Pacific Legion Post 320, then to JP’s Sports Bar and Grill in Eureka for the Final Card and Awards. Take Note; this Route has been cleared with the Local Authorities and no deviations will be permitted.

1 Poker Run Overview

Kircher Park is the Designated Starting Point. This Park is just East of Eureka at the Williams Road Exit.

Workers gather at 7:30,

RIDERS Gather at 8:30 AM.

2 Poker Run Start

The Final Registration and Issuing of the First Card will be here.

From Kircher Park, the longest ride will take place to St Clair VFW Post 2482 where a break and restaging will occur along with the Second Card.

3 Poker Run Stop 1

From here, we will continue to Washington VFW Post 2661 for another break and the 3rd Card.

4 Poker Run Stop 2

We continue to the Pacific Legion Post 320 for the 4th Card and another Break.

5 Poker Run Stop 3

We then conclude with the final leg to JP’s Sports Bar and Grill in Eureka for the Final Card and an  Extra Card if Desired and the Prize Awarding.

6 Poker Run FINAL STOP

This run aids the Committee in collecting the funding required for the enhancement of the Veterans Memorial Garden in front of the Eureka Community Center. Eureka Memorial VFW Post 5468 is the Sponsoring Agency of the Veterans Memorial Committee which is composed of the various Civic Organizations and Citizens of the Eureka Area.


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