Veterans Memorial Garden Phase 2 Holding Mouse Race

Eureka Memorial Post 5468 is proud to be the Lead Organization with the renovation and upgrading of the Veterans Memorial Garden in Legion Park. Together with many other Civic Organizations in Eureka, there will be numerous fund raisers in support of this endeavor. This is our First event planned;

Mouse Race 1

Tickets available at the Eureka Feed Station or the various Civic Organizations in Eureka.

The Renovation will about Triple the size of the existing Memorial.

3 thoughts on “Veterans Memorial Garden Phase 2 Holding Mouse Race

  1. delores sax says:

    went and bought decorations for hall,gave Chris paper work.theme colors Red,White,and Blue.sign up sheets for helpers,and some of work descriptions for the Night at the Races.All helpers
    please come to Feb.15 meeting at Fire Station number one. Thank You

    • Meeting Feb 15,All helpers please come will have sign up sheets for Feb 25,Night Of The Races.Went shopping today and bought decoration,color theme red,white and blue.

  2. Please note:tickets are fifteen dollars at door.Ten dollars at Eureka feed.$ door and $10. at Eureka feed. Thank You.

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