Dept of Mo VFW Membership Letter from Tom Hartman

Fellow comrades,
     Our membership has come to a slow crawl. If we as a department are going to meet our goals for this year, we must all work hard until we reach it. As of 10-17-07, we are short 449 new/reinstate members. This goal as set by national needs to be met by 10-31-07. That is only leaves 14 days to achieve this. I want to thank all of you for your efforts thus far  "can we go the extra mile” to show that Missouri is the can do state. I know it is an uphill battle but can be done with that extra effort. Please do all you can to help us make it? Our Commander will receive a nice jacket to wear to show we care. All post cmdrs. All dist.cmdrs. Get with your membership chairs and see what you can do. Remember there is only 2 weeks left to meet this benchmark, so let us work hard and get the job done. Thanks again for all you do. Together anything is possible.

    Your comrade
    Tom Hartman
    Sr Vice Cmdr.
    Membership Chair

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