What does a VFW Post look like in the 21st Century?

Most everyone has an idea what a VFW post looked like in the last century.   The stereotype is that of a building housing a smoke filled bar.  But as organizations VFW posts have also been important participants in their communities, promoting service and citizenship as well as serving veterans.  In the past Newport Heights Memorial Post 6137 looked very much like a typical post.

So what does a 21st Century VFW post look like?  The short answer is “any way its membership wants it to look.”

Post 6137 would like to create a 21st Century VFW post in the City of Saint Louis.  We are looking for new members who would like to explore the challenges of serving fellow veterans and their community.  Please visit this page http://vfwmo.org/join-the-vfw/ or contact Roger Allison at adjpost6137@mo.vfwwebmail.com to find out more about membership in the VFW.

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