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VFW Dept of Mo Forms

    VFW Dept of Mo Forms are now available.  Six are ready for downloading and printing.  No online forms are available yet but they will be soon.  The forms are in pdf format and will be easily downloaded and printed to be filled in. The slower your internet speed the longer it will take each […] Continue reading →

Green County to get Veterans Center

Greene County will be getting a new community-based veterans center to provide readjustment counseling and family outreach, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced Wednesday. The center is expected to open in late 2009 and will be staffed by four mental health professionals and social workers, said Gary Collins, a team leader at the St. Louis […] Continue reading →

For Vietnam Veterans

A Veteran who served in the Republic of Vietnam between January 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975 is presumed to have been exposed to Agent Orange and other herbicides used in support of military operations.   Eleven diseases are presumed by VA to be service-connected for such veterans:                    Chloracne […] Continue reading →