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Dept of Missouri Post Service Officer Event

The reason the Veterans of Foreign Wars exists is to help Veterans.  The VFW Department of Missouri has developed a program called Veterans Service Information.  The program Chairman is the Department Veterans Service Information Officer.  The VSIO communicates with the District VSIO’s who in turn communicates with each VFW Post Service Officer.  The primary goal […] Continue reading →

Upholding Veterans Day

Remembering America’s warriors is often an afterthought for many Americans. It’s about time Nov. 11 is paid its proper respect. Veterans Day, once a widely celebrated holiday, is increasingly forgotten by many Americans. One need only look at the poor turnouts at ceremonies on Nov. 11. With the percentage of citizens who have worn a […] Continue reading →


In This Issue NATIONAL LEGISLATIVE SERVICE 1. President Nominates New VA Secretary 2. VFW Testifies on VA Construction 3. SVAC holds USERRA Hearing NATIONAL SECURITY & FOREIGN AFFAIRS 1. JPAC International Toll Free Number 2. Vietnam War MIAs Identified 3. Reserve Component Mobilization To read the full story go toMO Legislative Updates Continue reading →