Flat Nasty Off-road racing park; a great way to recruit younger veterans

Veterans from VFW Post 6280, American Legion Post 99 and the American Volunteers service group came together at “Ron’s Race for a Reason” held at the Flat Nasty Off-road park in Jadwin, MO.   Ron, a decorated Vietnam helicopter pilot and owner of Flat Nasty was our host.  The race was promoted through social media, flyers and radio.  A portion of race proceeds, concession stand run by our Veterans and gun raffle were donated to the area Veteran Organizations.  The VFW Adjutant, QM and Cdr were on hand for recruiting and VSO services.  We had one referral and several OIF and OEF veterans transferred their memberships to our post based on the event.  Veterans also manned key crossroads and helped with directing the race.  Many of our Veterans also brought their ATVs and UTVs to try their skills on the Flat & Nasty trails.  Our Adjutant, Kasey Hayes raced Quads when he was stationed at Fort Hood, TX.   Our younger Veterans and their families commented on how they would like to make this an annual event.

Here is the link to our You Tube video (feel free to share and comment):

YouTube Preview Image

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