Hall Rental

Post 7356, located in Parkville, Missouri, has a hall that is Ideal for Banquets, Birthday Parties, Conferences, Clinics, Retreats, Seminars, Club Meetings, Workshops, Social Gatherings, and Wedding Receptions.  We have several options available for both rental, meals, and alcohol.

Please call us at 816-746-8010 and leave a message or call the Primary Post Hall Rental Manager David Ruse on his cell at 910-620-8119, note this is not long distance but a cell phone.

As a guide to our potential renters our calendar, rental contracts, guide for planning, and opening/closing checklist are listed below.  Just click on any item and the forms will come up in PDF format.

Hall Rental Contract click here

Guide for Planning click here

Guide for Opening and Closing click here

Click Here for Our Post Calendar to see if your date is open at this time.
  (Subject to availability)


11 thoughts on “Hall Rental

  1. Saria Grogan says:

    I am planning a baby shower for October 13 and I was wondering if the hall would be open and what your rental fee is.

    Thank You,

  2. Eloise Daniel says:

    What is the rental fee for Saturday evenings? We are looking for a venue for my son’s wedding reception.
    Thank you.

  3. Steve Woods says:

    Hello, I am looking for a Commisary Kitchen Rental for my mobile BBQ Business just off I-29 and Barry Road so that I can be in compliance with the KC Health Department. Is this something that your Post would be interested in doing?

  4. Brian Reardon says:

    What is the capacity of your upper level?

  5. I am Cdr of Post 4055 in Platte City, MO – – Got a call from Laura with River Stone Retirement Community at 9000 Congress Ave North KC, MO phone 741-2555 would like somebody to come by on Veterans Day Nov 11 to give a presentation to their residents.

    Since I will not be in the area that day and the location is near ya’ll – wanted to give you the opportunity to help her/them out.

    I can be reached at 816-858-3737 or 816-726-7647

    Thanks for your help !!!

  6. alyssa bearden says:

    I’m trying to plan a small baby shower (still a few months out) and I was wondering how large the lower level and the north room are? Maximum Capacity for each space?

    Thank You.

    • Downstairs is basically the same size as upstairs and will seat approximately 250. The north room works best with three 8 ft tables holding about 18 seated around the tables or about 30 on just chairs. If more is needed call David Ruse at 910-620-8119

  7. To confirm, is the total capacity of 225 for the combined space (upper and lower levels?

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