History of VFW Auxiliary


Since 1914 the Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States has worked to ensure that America’s veterans will not be forgotten and those who need assistance will get it. To help achieve these goals, each year donations are made, fund raisers are held, and many different activities help to make life better for active-duty military personnel, veterans and their families.

Since the War on Terror began, care packages have been sent to troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and other locations around the world. Auxiliaries donate to the division of Veterans and Family Support. One of the activities under the umbrella of Veterans and Family Support is Operation Uplink. This supplies free long-distance calling cards to active-duty military and hospitalized veterans to help them stay in touch with their families.

Auxiliaries not only work to do what we can to help veterans and their families that are serving overseas, but we also help veterans and their families who need help at home. Providing school supplies for children of veterans that can’t afford to supply them for their children is just one way we serve. If we find a veteran or his/her family needs assistance with feeding the family, is another way we serve. Homeless veterans can receive a warm hat, gloves and coat.

The Auxiliary has a sew-at-home program. New Mothers can receive a new baby blanket when their new baby arrives. “Ugly Quilts” are made to be given to homeless veterans. When soldiers are being deployed, we provide a fleece blanket to the soldier to give to their child to hold onto until their parent returns.

The Auxiliary serves under the home VFW Post. We work with the Post when an activity is held at the Post or for the Post. We are under the umbrella of the Post, but at the same time we are an organization of our own.


3 thoughts on “History of VFW Auxiliary

  1. Susan "Jenny' Shipman Desch says:

    Want to join your post. My father died in the Air Force is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, I have a son who was in the Navy and one who was in the army. Please call me 816 929 4689 Can I come to your next meeting and find out how to join? I am very active eon facebook with Vietnam Veterans and Through Their Eyes. I look forward to talking to someone and meeting you. Thank you

  2. To Whom It May Concern,

    I have been working for the Navy in San Diego, have a military background dating back to infantry 1968 Vietnam. Purpose for my notes is to offer some ideas and planning for ways to increase VFW awareness.

    I have been heavily involved with military promotional programs on the west coast.

    I will be returning to the Parkville area due to my retirement from the Navy and am checking to see if any interest in my programs.

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