Mo VFW Ride Captains

Mo VFW Riders State Captains

East – Mel “Griz” Brinkley –
            314-302-5957 Cell  —  573-562-8128 Home

West – Don Harris  –


Dist   Captain                                                          District CDR
1                                                                                          Bob O’Dell
2          Paul Zeigler                                               Lance Kellog
3          Jim Holmes                                                   JohnHoffman
5          Don Harris                                                     Eric Sullivan
6          John  Nagle                                                  Forrest Albin
7          Terry Clay                                                 Jim Hammons
8          Dennis Sweet                                             Mel Brinkley
9          Roy Sherwood                                          Steven Jones
12       Richard Sax                                               Ken Allison
14                                                                                  Richard Baehr
15       Rick Maquire                                           Billy Becker
17      Mitchell Welte                                        Paul Grisby
18       Chris Johnston                                          Edd Linneberger


2 thoughts on “Mo VFW Ride Captains

  1. Jim Sublett says:

    As a Life Member how do I become part of the VFW Patriot Guard Rider?

    Jim Sublett

  2. Randy Bettlach says:

    I am looking for a motorcycle escort for my ex Father in Law, Leo Schmittgens. He is dying from massive stroke recently. He is a WW2 Veteren Marines, Okinawa.He will be buried in JEFFERSON Barracks Cemetary. Details will be coming soon. Call me or email. Thanks Randy Bettlach 314-283-7758

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