2015 Howard Vander Clute Ride

There are three separate links – Click on the top one to print the flyer about the Ride.

[gview file=”http://myvfw.org/mo/vfwriders/files/2014/12/Ride-Flyer-2015.doc.pdf” save=”1″ cache=”0″]

Ride Flyer 2015.doc

Rider sign up form – http://myvfw.org/mo/vfwriders/files/downloads/2014/12/Rider-Sign-up-Form-2015.doc

Sponsorship form – http://myvfw.org/mo/vfwriders/files/downloads/2014/12/Sponsorship-Form-2015.doc


One thought on “2015 Howard Vander Clute Ride

  1. David Dibelius says:

    Can someone from Missouri please contact me regarding the 2015 Vander Clute Ride. Our VFWRG is organizing the ride route, and trying to reach out to other VFWRG’s to find out who’s planning on attending this year. My cell is 267-718-4475 and our VFWRG is also on Facebook at VFW Riders of Warminster. Thanks for all you do and looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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