Commander’s Call

The 2016-17 year for the North Carolina Veterans of Foreign Wars has begun.  There are many new opportunities for posts to work together and to work in their communities.  If you need help, contact me.  Just give me a call at 336-541-5345.

Our district officers are the critical link between the posts and the state.  All district officers are members of the state Council of Administration.  They are encouraged to provide assistance to the district and your post.  All post commander’s are urged to nominate strong post leaders to take on the added responsibility of district leadership.  They can share their strengths with others and help us improve our district by assisting district posts.

Post Commanders are asked to share recent successes with other post commanders at the district meeting.  If you have something that is new, different, works well, or that is well received, share it with district posts.  We can learn from each other.


Joe Caradonna, District Commander 

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