"We don't have a quorum.  How about a conference call?"

“We don’t have a quorum. How about a conference call?”

With each new post year comes new officers and chairmen to tackle recurring post programs and projects.  Does your post have a system to pass along last year’s project files and history?  Can you readily determine the sequence of events and who does what and when?

Our programs do not change a lot.  Dates change, themes change, but not a lot more.  But, what about problems, failures, or successes?  What about public relations, key helpers, and  contacts?  How does your post convey the nuances of post projects, so that you can  continue successful programs and make weak programs better?

Project Planning is the answer.  There are 12 steps to a successful project plan.  They are easy to deal with and, if you follow the steps, you can be successful.

Post Commanders and officers are encouraged to download and review the 12 Steps and Project Planning under Tools, in the District 6 Taskbar above.