Getting ready for your district meeting and need a template for your Post Commander’s Report?  We have one right here on our district website for District 6.  Just look under Tools | Downloadable District Forms.

This form can be filled out on-line, printed and brought to the district meeting.

Timesaving tip.  Work smarter, not harder

You can also save any form you complete on-line!   Just use CutePDF as your printer.  This is a free, open-source PDF generator that lets you create a PDF from your computer, word processor, or on-line source.  Download CutePDF

CutePDF lets you print a copy of your completed report to file.  How?  CutePDF functions as a secondary printer.  The printed copy goes  to your documents folder (Print to File).  You then print from the saved copy. This is a handy way to retain permanent copies of PDF forms that you complete on-line.  You no longer have to scan a printed copy to file.  CutePDF does it all for you in one step.

Features include:

  • Save fillable PDF forms using Reader
  • Add, delete, rotate, resize, reorder pages
  • Stamps, overlay, headers, and footers
  • Make compact PDF booklets, brochures, and documents
  • Digitally sign PDF Documents
  •     Learn more, visit: CutePDF