Have you taken a look at your post website?  Is it full of cobwebs?  Are last year’s officers still listed as contacts?  Do you have a story about a Christmas party as your most recent news story?  Do you have information about last year’s Patriot’s Pen contest?

If so, it is time to clean house.  Yesterday’s news is now post history.  Energize your post blog with stories about what you are doing today.  Don’t email your post success stories to the membership!  Post the story to your post website and THEN send out an email announcing the story.  Get your members to visit and use your post website!  They will tell their friends and community that the information they seek is on-line!  More importantly, give your local community and news media a ready resource for veterans and VFW news.

Learn more about how your post can take ownership of the post website.  It is easier than you think.  Learn more