Have you ever heard, “I didn’t know we had a veterans group here in town!  Where are you located?”  Ouch!  Yes, you, too, have probably heard it at one time or another.  You have a post.  You have programs, and yet some do not know that you are there.

If you look at those you pass by on the street or at the mall, do you ever wonder who they are?  What they have done?  Who have they helped?  The odds are that one, two, three or more have contributed great things to their community and may have served in the military.  They are also going about unrecognized.

Think of the Vietnam veteran twenty or more years ago.  They were not welcomed by open arms on returning home.   Many felt isolated and most never wore a ball cap with any type of military notation or service patch.  Not so today.  What happened?  It was community recognition of the Veteran.  It was not recognition of the Vietnam veteran.  America was awakened by 9/11 and Iraq.  They became aware of the role of the military in the defense of our country.  For the Vietnam vet it was a turning point in their sense of pride in what they did during their conflict.  Today you will see many veterans proudly wearing a ball cap, or badge saying “Vietnam Veteran.”

What about your post?  Are you communicating what is going on in your town?  Do you meet with your local newspaper or radio station managers?  Are you attending town council meetings?  Do you wear a military cap as you walk about town?  Do you greet other vets as you pass them by?  Can you do  a Google search for your post and see stories about your activities?

If you answer maybe or no to any of these questions, you need to promote your post.  You will find help on this website under Tools.  For public relations, select Building Post News.