My hat is off to Mebane Post 1920!  They are using their post web site to share post information on events and services.  One major service is help with veteran employment.  They know of job opportunities and they are sharing their information!  Learn more

Posts are also reporting an increase in contacts through their post website.  Some are requesting assistance, some want to help us, and others want to join the VFW.

All District 6 post web sites now include information on the post and how to reach them.  The same information appears on the district site.  It pays to advertise how to contact your post, and it actually works.

Did you know that the state website also has information on job opportunities for veterans?  Visit the state website and select Job Bank in the red taskbar.

Signup for our Department’s daily news post.  It will include highlights of stories from posts across our state.  Learn more by visiting their home page and entering your personal or post email address in the box located just above the Facebook and Tweeter link boxes.  Visit site