We have some pretty smart comrades in our Posts.  The same goes for our Ladies’ Auxiliary.  They come up with new ways to get out in our community to reach veterans.

This week we applaud Mebane Post 1920.  Mebane goes to their local farmers’ market and sets up a canopy.  They don’t just have VFW  information and handouts, they have produce and a story to tell.  It’s peanuts in a jar!  Passersby see the peanuts, stop, talk, and ask questions.  Somewhere in the the conversation they learn about the Veterans of Foreign Wars, its programs, and what Mebane veterans are doing.  They are even selling peanuts as a fundraiser.   Learn more

How about your post?  Do you have a Farmers’ Market, a town commons, a town community site, or a local event?  Buddy Poppies are available from the Department and they would make a nice centerpiece for a flower stand.  Buddy Poppies are not just for Memorial and Veterans Day.  The VFW Ladies Auxiliary Magazine as a great article about this in the current issue, and this story was also reported by Mebane Post 1920 on their news blog.  Read story

The most important thing for us a Veterans of Foreign Wars is outreach.  We can only help our veterans by getting out of the post and into the community.  Have a similar project at your post?  Please share it with the district, or, better yet, post it on your Post’s website.  Learn more