Smartphones and Notebooks

The communications world is rapidly changing.  We now walk around with not just a cell phone, but a smartphone.  That’s a personal computer in your pocket.  Wow!

One new tool is the Samsung Chromebook.  It costs just $249 and is the hottest selling laptop.  It is instant on.  Just open the lid and you are on-line using a local Wi-Fi network.  Chromebook uses the Google Chrome browser as the operating system.  All you need is a Gmail account to connect to an extensive bundle of services that do not cost you anything.  Learn more

Your District Commander has one, but you would expect that, wouldn’t you?  But, he is not alone.  Another district commander takes his laptop and a small printer with him on his rounds to the posts.  He can demonstrate, inspect, assist with reports, and help his posts.

Have you thought about ways that you can harness some of these new opportunities at your post?  Did you know that you can teleconference with post members and officers for little or no cost?  You can also get a free telephone line from Google Voice for your post that rings to the cell phone of the post commander, adjutant, or quartermaster.  Learn more

Here are a few ideas for teleconferencing:

  • Officer meetings between post meetings.
  • Visiting with shut-ins from the post.
  • Visiting with active duty members serving overseas.
  • Conferencing with key members of the post.
  • Holding planning sessions for committees.

Why not explore your options?  Here is a link to a review and discussion on seven teleconferencing opportunities.   View review

We understand that not all post officers are “computer literate.”  However, if you can use a telephone, you are almost there.  If you are intimidated by computers, reach out to other members in your post.  Get them to help you.  You may even excite a few quiet member with the new opportunities for the post.  These are your post’s future leaders.

Your district commander is ready to help you.  Give him a call or send him an email.



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