The Durham VA Medical Center is seeking VETERANS and their family members to give (PAID) interviews for a large-scale, nationally advertised campaign for Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Participating in this campaign ( is one of the most effective and fulfilling ways to help your fellow Veterans and their families – just by sharing your story.

The VA is trying to locate 20 Vets of all military branches, eras, and walks of life ASAP:

Interview Location:  Durham, NC
Interview Dates:         Saturday (3/31), Sunday (4/1), and  Monday (4/2)

Only requirement is that each Vet must have received some kind of support for Veteran-related issues (i.e. counseling, therapy, etc.) and is willing to talk about it with a very small, very Vet-friendly film crew. Interviews will last roughly 45min, each participant will be paid $100 for their time and, most importantly, will walk away knowing that their story will help convince millions of Vets across the country to get the help they earned.

Interested Vets (and Vet family members) should send their name, phone number and email address to the VA. Signup here