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“Awe Peanuts”

Sounds small, but do you know money from the non-profit fund raiser brings in is used to help and support veterans and their families.

The VFW Mebane Post 1920, Peanut Program is very active in the Mebane Community. Our members have places throughout the area to distribute the peanuts, and get them displayed in shops, stores, gas stations, etc… The current price for a quart jar of peanuts is $6.00.

In order to help advertise our VFW visibility in the local community, a great way to do this is simple, as you make your rounds to replenish your customers display; wear you VFW cover. This confirms in their mind that they are helping a good cause. Rather than them just seeing a person bring peanuts. Additionally you could be influencing bystanders and others to buy.

Veterans presently are accepted in a good light. So wearing your cover is okay. You will be totally surprised how many people will thank you for your service. It may not always be that way, let us take advantage of it. Don’t forget to tell them, “you’re welcome.”  Encourage members and customers to try and get as many of the empty jars back as possible.