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Mebane 2012 Christmas Parade

The 2012 Mebane Christmas Parade was a very tremendous success. The weather was not accommodating. It was an on-and-off drizzle most of the evening. The Humvee we requisitioned from the NC Carolina National Guard, (actually we borrowed it, but requisitioned sounds better). The two banners on the sides said: “VFW Mebane Post 1920, Merry Christmas,” with the black letters on white background they shined splendidly when wet. We positioned the American Flag and the VFW flag on the back near the tailgate. All went well, I was watching out for low hanging wires, when pop the VFW flag snagged a tree limb, and broke right off. What to do?? I commissioned my trusty walking cane to the job at hand; and with a lot of duck tape strapped it parallel to the flagpole. It worked and it was never discovered that it was a jerry-rigged.
I want to thank those that came out to help: Ken Sellers, Ray Hillen, Curtis Clark, David Potter, Bobby Bart, and, Lucian Mascarella. Sandra Jefferies President of the Mebane Post 1920 Ladies Auxiliary brought three granddaughters, Norma Poole and her son Jeff Poole helped pass out flags. I especially want to say thank you to my 12-year-old grandson, Elijah Beck from Haw River. He did not have to help and he could have ridden in the Humvee vehicle but, chose to hand out flags instead (in the rain). It was wet!!!
To me the parade was worth every second, just to see and hear the crowd of by-standers. We passed out over 2,000 flags just to the front row of kids. We still needed more because we just got next to the Veterans Garden, about two-thirds through to the end, when we ran out of flags. I estimated there were around 6,000 dedicated people for that wet Christmas Parade. I enjoyed hearing the people wish us Merry Christmas, wave a lot, give us the thumbs up, but, most of all clap their hands for us.