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Patriotic Arts Contest Winners Announced

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1920, Mebane, has just announced the local winners of the American Creative Patriotic Arts Contest.

First place winner was Elizabeth Macias, second place was Gabe Wilson, and third place went to Scottie Hill. The winners are seniors at Eastern Alamance High School and study art under Donna Edgell.

Mebane Patriotic ArtThis national scholarship program is open to students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. Winners at the national level can win scholarships ranging from $10,000 – $500. The first place winner will receive a plaque and airfare plus two nights’ lodging to attend the Ladies Auxiliary National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, in July. The first place art will be featured on the cover of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW Magazine and on the Auxiliary website.

At each level of competition, the artwork is not only judged for design, but technique, creativity, contrast and total impact of the work. There is a written component, which accompanies the artwork where each is judged on patriotic expression of clarity of ideas, elicitation of emotion, and can it stand on its own through expression and design.

Elizabeth Macias expressed the following: “We live in the 21st century, and America has become a country of different races. No matter what race or skin color someone is, we are all Americans. Our country has become a great ‘salad bowl’ with all this diversity. All of these different types of patriots are using their differences, like their culture and beliefs, to come together to make America a better country. That is what America is, a perfect mixture of different people who are patriotic and honor the American flag as a symbol of this great country. People honor our country through service in different ways, like serving in the military, working as firemen, nurses, teachers, builders, and the many other professions that are all important. “I drew the Statue of Liberty, the bald eagle, and the flag because they are symbols of America. We the People, from the Constitution, symbolizes that the heart of our country is the people who love the United Sates of America. America is a Democracy, which is all about the people and their diversity, the theme of my artwork.”

The Ladies Auxiliary has recently learned the artwork of Elizabeth Macias has won for District 6 NC Ladies Auxiliary and will now compete in the state competition in Greensboro in June. Elizabeth Macias is the daughter of Maria Lozano and Rodolfo Macias and the stepdaughter of Juan Lopez.

The Mebane Enterprise, our local newspaper, featured this story in their April 10, 2013, edition.  Contributing Reporter was Diane Sellers.

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