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Plans Underway to Spur Buddy Poppy Growth

Can you imagine a virtual Buddy Poppy? It might be in the near future, according to VFW Director of Programs Steve Van Buskirk. “The 10 million Poppies assembled annually by hospitalized veterans at seven sites may sound like a massive number, but it’s not enough to stay ahead of the game,” Van Buskirk says. The demand is much greater than what we can produce right now. The VFW is looking at establishing more assembly points and increasing production to the point of having a million in storage.

The development of some sort of virtual Buddy Poppy is just one of many possible options that are under consideration. Van Buskirk says it is important to “do something online because that is where America lives.” As he has for sometime, Van Buskirk is urging all VFW Posts and Auxiliaries to include Buddy Poppies as part of every public event, not just around Veterans and Memorial Days. “The symbol will not be diminished by being distributed year-round.”

This info is excerpted from an article by the same name appearing in the September 2012 issue of Ladies Auxiliary VFW Magazine.

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