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Welcome to Hedrick-Rhodes Post 5206 Hendersonville’s Webpage.  I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that our Post is doing very well.  We have been busily working alongside our Auxiliaries to bring back our past member’s and to welcome those new coming from the fields of combat in recent wars.  As you well know, we need all veteran’s to be out and about talking about veteran’s issues!

Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen, and Teacher of the Year have all concluded successfully for this year.  Our local young entrants did an outstanding job in representing the upcoming generations, while doing an exceptional job for bringing great credit and distinction on all who served.

We are involved in our local communities and are constantly trying to have an impact throughout.  We are always instituting and supporting programs that help the unfortunate, the needful, and anyone we can to make a better community environment.  Veterans helping Veterans is a fact of life here.

While elections are long over, we must continue to be vigilant and make sure our elected officials support the Veteran Program(s) that were earned through our service.   Do not become lazy and negligent, otherwise the door may be opened for officials to overlook and take advantage.  Do not be taken for granted!!

Veterans are always welcome to come in, join us and participate in maintaining and improving our health and welfare through comradeship.  Thanks so much and hopefully, as changes come, we will be able to use this venue to share more information with you.

Nobody does more for the Vet than your local VFW.


Jim Young

Post Commander, Hedrick-Rhodes Post 5206 Hendersonville

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