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Joe Wagner Post Honors Bella Donna


On Tuesday evening 12 April 2016, members of the Joe Wagner VFW Post 7313 of Pittsboro presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Donna and Robert Bianco owners of Bella Donna Restaurant as a token of their deep appreciation for their support of Veterans and specifically for their support for the Joe Wagner VFW Post 7313 here in Pittsboro.

Membership in the VFW is restricted to only those veterans who have served their nation in times of war.  Post 7313 members include Chatham County citizens who have served in WW II, Korea, Vietnam and the current Middle East conflicts.  Consequently these patriots share a common understanding of the true costs of the devastating experience of war which, for most, has forever changed and shaped their lives.

The consistent recognition and ongoing support for the Joe Wagner Post 7313 from Donna and Robert Bianco, their family, and the staff of their fine restaurant go far beyond the obvious, and provide a model for others to emulate in continuing to honor our veteran patriots who answered their nations call and their modern day compatriots, who even today serve as guardians of freedom against the spread of evil around the world.

The small token of our esteem in the form of a plaque-mounted certificate is certainly inadequate recognition for their ongoing commitment to the endeavors of our local veterans who have served this nation during difficult and dangerous times.  But please know that the memory of their supportive actions will live long in the hearts of local veterans.

* Ten percent (10%) of the restaurant’s Tuesday proceeds are donated to the Post.