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Veterans Health Fair – Apr 28

LovefreedomService to others who served is our duty!  Pass the word to all Veterans you see in Caswell County that there is a Veterans Health and Benefits Fair on April 28th.  It is in the Caswell County Civic Cen ter at 536 Main Street East, Yanceyville.

There are many Veterans who may be entitled to some coverage at the Veterans Hospital.  Medical care, prescriptions, counseling, educational assistance, aid and attendance or other benefits may be available to them.  Many do not know that help is nearby!  And, it does not get any closer than right here in our town.

Watch for possible veterans everywhere you go.  They are in churches, groceries, gas stations, parks, libraries, and maybe just across the street.  If you see someone that might have served, ask them, “Are you a Veteran?”  Even if they answer “No,” ask, “Have you served in the military?”  You will soon learn that some veterans think you have to be a member of a fraternal group of veterans to be considered a veteran.

Our members are veterans, but not all veterans are members.  Share our story and help a veteran gain access to health care and other support.

A flyer on this event is downloadable.  Click here.

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