July 4th Caldwell Parade

Come rain or shine, we depart Chapel Hill early in the morning and head to Caldwell (near Rougemont).  It has been an honor for over 13 years to provide local veterans to lead this parade.  Put it on your calendar as a must do project for 2019.  It is Americana at its best.   If you are a veteran and want to participate, just join us at the Caldwell Community Fire House, Guess Road, Rougemont, NC.


Here is a story and photos from an earlier parade.


15 June 2018 – Caldwell Community, Rougemont, NC


We are preparing for this year’s event.  Last year, we had about 50-60 people gather as vets and their families.


One thing about this parade always makes us stand a little prouder. When Old Glory passes, the people of Caldwell stand and salute the flag. Overheard as we approached the parade starting point, “Stand up! Here comes the flag. … You will be standing a lot, today. There are a lot of American flags flying ins this parade.” Patriotism and pride in country are alive and well!


The parade is usually held on one of the hottest days of the year, but we keep cool with plenty of cold water.  Once the Caldwell Air Force bi-plane or single engine plane joins the parade for a flyover, we all stand taller and prouder.  


The parade is not that long and there are hot dogs and cold drinks waiting for us at the Caldwell Community Center.


How about you?  Want to do something different with your family on July 4th?  Then go back in time with us for a genuine small town parade.  Learn more


See what you have been missing,  take a look at the 2017 parade



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