Rougemont Parade

Rougemont was a sleepy town.  The railway has not operated for many a year.  The right of way is still there, as is the old one room rail station.  It is a community of farms and horse ranches.  It is experiencing a growth spurt and there was talk of incorporating the little town.  It is also the hometown for our district commander.

Each year, we head there to participate in the one-mile-long parade from Bacon Road to US 501 and across the highway for a few more blocks.  It is a lot like the Caldwell parade, but it is much smaller.  The crowds are growing each year.

One member noted the excitement and smiling faces of the towns people when we pass.  It is not unusual for a person to join the parade just to shake your hand or say “Hello” to someone they recognize.  Our small towns have contributed greatly to the ranks of each military service.  We are a touchstone for their families and we are there for the returning vets to wave the flag in their honor.  Learn more

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