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Holocaust Remembrance

flyer AuschwitzThe Holocaust Speaker’s Bureau is holding a special event to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. It is on Monday, January 26, from 7 to 8 pm at The Cedars of Chapel Hill Retirement Community, Cedar Berry Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27517.


The event is in the ballroom where the will be a 30-minute historical video and reflections by several speakers.


Robert Patton (right front) with 65th Division at Mauthausen in 2011
Robert Patton (right front) with 65th Division at Mauthausen in 2011

Robert Patton, former post adjutant, frequently attended local holocaust events as his army unit, the 65th Division, Third Army, liberated a concentration camp at Mauthausen.  It was through his efforts that an unmarked mass grave was identified and a memorial placed to remember those interred in the unmarked site.  Let’s honor Robert’s memory by attending this event.


For more information about the Holocaust Speaker’s Bureau, visit their site.


Military Appreciation Day at Golden Corral


Louis Drogos, Navy Nurse, with husband, Gene, Navy Lighter than Air crewman. World War II
Louis Drogos, Navy Nurse, with husband, Gene, Navy Lighter than Air crewman. World War II

Golden Corral and its guests raise millions for Disabled American Veterans organization.  They do this by providing a free meal to local veterans at most Golden Corral restaurants.  The Disabled American Veterans are present at the dinner and accept donations for their programs to assist disabled veterans.


The Golden Corral Community. 2014 Military Appreciation Monday ‘thank you’ dinner is Monday, November 17, 2014 at 5 pm.  Learn more


Why not team up with fellow members and head to Golden Corral for a little socializing?

Final Muster Set for The Fighting Fourth

Major Bud Hampton of the Fighting Fourth Division
Major Bud Hampton of the Fighting Fourth Division

On the 70th Anniversary of the battle of Iwo Jima, the Fourth Marine Division Association (all Iwo Jima survivors) will have its final muster at Camp Le June, NC (Aug. 3 – 8) 2015. The Fighting Fourth‘s final ceremony will be open to the public.


This will be a major news media event which will include the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Amos, the silent drill team, drum and bugle corps, etc.

The Fourth Division Association has started a fund drive to raise funds for the rental of handicapped equipped tour buses, wheel chairs, a ladies breakfast, and some tour attractions including some travel funds for members who cannot afford the trip.  Want to donate?  Please visit this link and look for the donate option in the top right corner of the page.  Click here


Major Bud Hampton, USMC (Ret.) of Chapel Hill Post 9100 and a member of the Fighting Fourth, is a member of the association.


The association anticipates a larger turnout than usual, as this is the association’s final muster. A message will also be posted in the Fighting Fourth newsletter to help get the word out. These Marines are in their 90’s and it would be fitting to see them retire the colors with all the pomp and ceremony they well deserve as they are the of Marines of greatest generation.


The Fighting Fourth last met in Charleston, SC.  Here are photos of that event


and still more photos with Charleston sights.


Story updated Oct 1, 2014



We’re 100 Years Old This Week!

Hotel Schenley Pittsburgh
Hotel Schenley Pittsburgh

Foreign wars combat veterans from Cuba, Puerto Rico, China, and the Philippine campaigns gathered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one hundred years ago this week to form the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  That makes the Veterans of Foreign Wars the oldest existing fraternal military service member organization in the United States.  The convention was set for September 14-17, 1914, in the Schenley Hotel in Pittsburgh.  Celebrate with a little cake on the 17th!  Be proud of what you and your predecessors have made possible for today’s and tomorrow’s veterans.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tells our story today and you can read it on-line at  Click here to read Pittsburgh: birthplace of VFW

Korean War Veterans Receive Medal

Korean War photo 38thThe Republic of Korea is awarding the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal for veterans of the Korean War (1950-1953).

If you served, you may be eligible for the Korean Ambassador Peace Medal.


There are several members of our post that are eligible.  Now is the time to take action before the end of the award program.  For more details, visit the District 6 website.

Freedom is Not Free

Pvt Treptow's PledgeMemorial Day is just a memory.  Veterans Day is months away.  Flags have been neatly packed away to await a holiday.  Yet, somewhere around the world a soldier, sailor, airman or marine is moving out or forward in defense of our great country or ally.  It is important that we be ever mindful of their sacrifices.

Let us also remember the sacrifices that each member of our post has endured as they, too, stood on the front lines doing their duty.  We all have stories to share.  Ask a fellow veteran, member or not, about their service.  You may be very surprised to learn what a fellow vet did as he or she served.

Encourage them to share their stories and maybe even record some of it for their family history.  Rusty Edmister can help them with creating a video recording for inclusion in the North Carolina Archives Military Collection.  It’s a humbling experience that is sure to bring forward a sense of service and pride in accomplishment when the veteran watches himself tell his story, a story that he will hear for the very first time.

President Ronald Reagan shared his observations on service, duty, and sacrifice when he gave his speech, Freedom is Not Free.

YouTube Preview Image


The State of Iraq

Welcome to Iraq: Courtesy BROThe post gets inquiries all the time from media sources.  They are interested in our community events, memorial services, programs, and in our personal opinion.
Recently we were asked about the availability of local recent conflict veterans to speak on WUNC Radio as part of an upcoming program on The State of Iraq.  Lewis Hendricks, our Post Commander, participated and here is a link to the half-hour show.  Below is the link to the story and the audio.

The State Of Iraq

Islamic militants are slowly gaining more control of Iraq. The group known as the Islamic State is asserting its will in the northern part of the country.
You, too, can participate in response to media requests.  Just volunteer for our Post Speakers’ Bureau.  Learn more about the speakers’ bureau by visiting their web page.

World War I Remembered by Centennial

26th Div 101st FA field kitchen WWIRALEIGH — Governor Pat McCrory will launch the state’s four-year long Centennial Commemoration of World War I at a wreath-laying ceremony at the North Carolina Veterans Monument on the grounds of the State Capitol Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014. The ceremony will begin at 9:30 a.m. and re-enactors will be on the State Capitol grounds throughout the day.   Read NC Press Release

Yanceyville VFW Post 7316 commander Fred Smith announced today that his post is  working on sending Caswell County representation to this special event. He encourages other district posts to join in with Post 7316 at the Aug 2nd event in Raleigh.  Our post is working on joining with Yanceyville and other posts at this very special event.

Many of our members have family members who served.  Why not consider dusting off a family memento to take with you to the kickoff event.  They are not forgotten, if we share their stories and cherish their contribution to our nation’s history.  Interested in participating?  Let us know.  Click here

Visit North Carolina’s Centennial Commemoration program website for additional details.   Learn more

A Salute to Carrier Sailors of World War II

Thousands upon thousands of young men left cities, towns, hamlets, and farms to join the fight to defend America.  Many enlisted in the Navy or sought a commission to drive ships, submarines, or to fly navy aircraft.

Some headed right here to Chapel Hill to a university campus transformed into a Navy Pre-flight Training Center.  About 18,700 people went through Chapel Hill.  Learn more

At the beginning of the war there were four Naval Training Stations (boot camps)  located at Bainbridge, MD; Newport, RI; San Diego, CA; and Great Lakes, IL.  That was not enough to supply the expanding fleet and three more centers were opened.  They were Farragut, ID; Sampson, NY; and  Norfolk, VA.  Learn more

We still have men and women heading to sea, but only one Naval Training Center.  It is the greatly expanded Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, near Chicago.  Ships needed many men and carriers needed thousands to keep these floating cities going.

Actual footage of duty at sea on navy carriers is now on-line.  This is not recreated footage.  It is the real thing.  Take a look.

YouTube Preview Image




Mark Sumner Returns to Normandy

The trip to Normandy and France by East Chapel Hill High School students is on!  The students are escorting two World War II veterans back to France so that they can participate in the final commemoration of D-Day.  It is the 70th and final commemoration.
 “We have thankfully raised all the funds to bring Ed Chappell and Mark Sumner and their family member…we are so excited and have so much information to share!” said, Robin McMahon, project coordinator and former French teacher to the traveling students.  This is their return trip to France for D-Day events.
Photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U.S. National Archives
Photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U.S. National Archives

McMahon also announced that the town of Bastogne is going to give them a special medal ceremony at the World War II museum to honor Mark Sumner’s fighting at the Battle of the Bulge!   The travelers will stay with local citizens during their week-long journey.

We commend these dedicated students for their quest to ensure that some living veterans can return to Europe and trace their steps.  From project conception, planning, fundraising and coordination with caring groups in both the local area and France, they did it all.  Congratulations on a “Job Well Done!”  We look forward to their sharing their experience with the post on their return.
Learn more about this student project and to donate toward project expenses, visit:
There are a lot of stories about D-Day and we have lost a lot of our World War II D-Day warriors.  Let’s not forget their bravery and sacrifices.  You can learn more here