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A Reason to Be Proud

“From a small seed, a mighty oak may grow.”  – Aeschylus.  That quote is very, very old, but the words ring true and there are countless examples of it in nature and in life.


For our little post, it is very true.  We have accomplished much during our twenty plus years to support the community, promote Veterans of Foreign War Programs, assist veterans, and maintain our military traditions.  Memorial Day is just one of those traditions.


Each year our Post members gathered at the Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery to place flags on each veteran’s grave.  Later, we added a special Memorial Service after flag placement.  Next, we added a Monday (Memorial Day) service, which was followed by the addition of a no-host breakfast for all veterans and their families after flag placement.  Age gradually caught up with the core volunteers, so we enlisted the help of a few Scouts.  The few became many, and another tradition was begun.


Local Memorial Day weekend events, that began with the efforts of a few of our earliest members,  has ensured that Memorial Day and other Patriotic events flourished.  We are honored to have been a catalyst for veterans activities and hope that you join us for flag placement at 6:30 am on Saturday, May 26th, at the Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery.  You will marvel, as we do, at the veterans camaraderie and volunteers’ helpfulness.  We’ll even give you a flag to place and the story behind the action.  


There are lots of events coming to and going on in Chapel Hill, and all have their roots in the efforts of C V Cummings Chapel Hill Post 9100, Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Watch our pages or follow us on FaceBook to see what events are happening in Chapel Hill over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Annual Tar Heel Men’s Basketball Raffle Winner

UNC BasketballIt gives us great pleasure to announce the winner of our 2016 raffle.  Margaret Hutchins of Carrboro, a good personal friend of Rusty Edmister’s (a member veteran and member of the post), had her stub drawn from the hermetically sealed container this afternoon before three witnesses.  Rusty will deliver the basketball tickets and take some photos so we can post them to the website.


We thank the purchasers of the 350 tickets for their support of our Veterans Relief Fund.  At just ten dollars a ticket for a chance to win two season tickets for every at home basketball game (including Duke vs. UNC) is a great value.


See you again next fall as we setup our kiosk by the Historic Chapel Hill Downtown Post Office three hours before every Tar Heel home football game.

What’s the VFW About? – VFW Vets Serve Others

VFW CapWe get lots of inquiries about what the Veterans of Foreign Wars is all about.  Are you, too, wondering what we do, how we do it, and who we serve?


You can search the internet or you can just visit our web site.  Take a look to your right and look for Latest News.  Better yet, scroll down just a little bit below that group and look for News Categories.  Now click on the down arrow and select from one of the many categories of information on our website.


Searching for news items by category will give you a look at a number of stories related to the category selected.  It is that easy.  You will see that we do a lot right here in Chapel Hill and the surrounding area.  You will find stories on Yanceyville, Hillsborough, Caldwell and more.  We are in every area near us where we find veterans that need our help.  We work with other posts, local veterans groups, and charities.  


Why do we do this?  We are just happy to be home.  Some of our shipmates and fellow soldiers, airmen and marines were not so fortunate.  We feel a need to step up and serve others, help veterans and strengthen citizenship through patriotism and education.


Another interesting source for information on the Veterans of Foreign Wars is the VFW Magazine.  Every member of the VFW gets a copy sent to him each month and it is free of charge.  You, however, can also read this magazine on-line.  Here is the link.  CLICK HERE


Are you a veteran that has served overseas in a combat area?  If yes, you can join the VFW.  We would like you to consider joining our post in Chapel Hill.  We’ll even pay for your first year’s dues.  We are confident that you will find a home associating with other men and women who have volunteered (or if Vietnam or earlier, “drafted”) to serve.


Contact us directly.  You can call or email us.  Learn more



Veterans Day 2014

Patton CameraThere are a lot of things going on with our post.  Our Speakers Bureau members are doing double duty and we are hard pressed to meet all requests.  Are you busy in our community sharing the pride of having served your country?  Are you interested in participating in a Veterans Day Event?  Take a look at what we have on our schedule.  Maybe one of the events is just right for you.  Take a look.  Download Veterans Day 2014 Event Schedule


Our speakers are available year round and not just on Veterans or Memorial Day.  Take a look at our list of speakers, their background and chose one or more.  You can then request a speaker by sending us a request.  Remember to include some details and a contact name and telephone number.  If we can assist, we will.   Submit a request

Learn More at Seymour

We do a lot together as veterans, but sometimes we are looking for things to do where we can work and associate with others in our town.  This also helps us get out and about, learn about others’ needs, and share the story of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.


If you are 55+, you can take classes on lots of topics at the Chapel Hill Seymour Center.  Check out their offerings and how to sign up.  Visit  For Seniors


Too young for the classes at Seymour Center?  Ask one of the post participants to serve as your technology mentor or tutor.

USO of NC Golf Tournaments

usonclogoThis year, the USO of North Carolina fundraising golf tournaments have been combined into a season-long TOUR that culminates in mid-September with The Tradition of Honor Cup featuring Medal of Honor recipients, NFL Players, veterans and active duty troops. Play in one or as many tournaments as you want… earn prizes and maybe even a paid slot in the Tradition of Honor Cup!  Learn more and sign up


The next event is on Friday, August 8th, at the Carolina Colours Golf Club, 3300 Waterscape Way, New Bern, NC.  Learn more and sign up

Saving Our Military Heritage

We are very fortunate to have an Oral Military History Historian in our post.  Rusty Edmister has been travelling throughout our district recording the oral histories of soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and members of the Coast Guard for the North Carolina Archives.

Nearly 200 veterans have sat down with Rusty to tell their story.  Were you one of them?  If not, you need to do this and do it soon.  It is a very rewarding experience and you will see yourself as you have never seen yourself.  Watching yourself shave in the mirror does not count!

Your voice, voice inflections, mannerisms, habits, and body language will be in full view.  You will laugh and smile at yourself as you watch the results of your interview.  It is raw footage.  No editing is done to make you look better or worse.  You are as you are.  That is one of the most important things about the interview for the North Carolina Archives.

How is  an oral history recording made?  Rusty travels to your home or wherever you feel comfortable.  You can sit down before the video camera in your favorite chair, on your front steps, in a porch swing, standing by your favorite tree, or anywhere else that make you comfortable.  It is not the location he records, it is you.

He will make you two copies for you and one for the archives.  He will also make sure you have as many copies as you need to give to children and grandchildren.  All copies are at no cost to you.  Rusty pays for the cost as his contribution to North Carolina military history.  So, “What are you waiting for?”  Contact Rusty now. You can send him an email by clicking here.

Here is sample video made of a veteran about his time in boot camp at Great Lakes in 1943.  It was not recorded by Rusty.  His recordings are not published on the internet.  They go only to you and the North Carolina Archives.

YouTube Preview Image

Mark Sumner Returns to Normandy

The trip to Normandy and France by East Chapel Hill High School students is on!  The students are escorting two World War II veterans back to France so that they can participate in the final commemoration of D-Day.  It is the 70th and final commemoration.
 “We have thankfully raised all the funds to bring Ed Chappell and Mark Sumner and their family member…we are so excited and have so much information to share!” said, Robin McMahon, project coordinator and former French teacher to the traveling students.  This is their return trip to France for D-Day events.
Photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U.S. National Archives
Photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U.S. National Archives

McMahon also announced that the town of Bastogne is going to give them a special medal ceremony at the World War II museum to honor Mark Sumner’s fighting at the Battle of the Bulge!   The travelers will stay with local citizens during their week-long journey.

We commend these dedicated students for their quest to ensure that some living veterans can return to Europe and trace their steps.  From project conception, planning, fundraising and coordination with caring groups in both the local area and France, they did it all.  Congratulations on a “Job Well Done!”  We look forward to their sharing their experience with the post on their return.
Learn more about this student project and to donate toward project expenses, visit:
There are a lot of stories about D-Day and we have lost a lot of our World War II D-Day warriors.  Let’s not forget their bravery and sacrifices.  You can learn more here

World War II Vets to Normandy  0

Our local high school students are busier than ever working on their project to take two veterans to Normandy for eight days.  Our very own Mark Sumner is one of the two.
We checked in with the students and this is what we found out.
“We are still short of making our $6,000 goal to take Mark and Ed to Normandy.” said Robin McMahon.  They need our help and the help of our community.  So, if you are reading this, share it with everyone you know.  Let them know that June 6 is just a few weeks away!  Mark Sumner and Ed Chappell will be on their way before then, with the help of the Chapel Hill community.
This writer can think of no other local project that benefits not only our veterans, but also gives local students a chance to show Americanism is alive and well in our schools.  This is the 7oth commemoration ceremony and it is the final ceremony at Normandy.
Robin McMahon also said that these high school students are driven to honor the sacrifice of all veterans.  Learn more
Their project made the front page of the Durham Herald-Sun!  Read story
The students still need about $5,000 to meet their goal of taking two World War II veterans and a family member for each to the D-Day commemoration services in Normandy to honor their service.
Here is how you can DONATE through a non-profit educational organization:

Public School Foundation: Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  Donors will receive a tax receipt for their contributions.

Your check can be made out to the Public School Foundation / NC  to Normandy and sent to :
  • Public School Foundation
  • PO Box 877
  • Carrboro, NC 27510
  • Attn: NC to Normandy
or you can donate online by going to this website:
  • click the green button to donate
  • fill in the 7th line with NC to Normandy; looks like this:
I want to make a contribution to the following: $
and we will send you a thank you note once it is processed.

Easter Parade in Rougemont – Apr 19  0

The annual Rougemont Parade is this Saturday, 19 April 2014.  District 6 posts have served as the veterans contingent and carried the parade colors for many years.  Our post is on its way to Rougemont and we ask that all members participate.

Take a friend.  Take your children and grandchildren.  See small town America at its best.

VFW Posts members line up at 10 am and the parade starts at 11 am.  The parade is one mile long and veterans are in front.  You’ll get to see everything in the parade as you will be first to the end.  Rougemont has a small festival with food, rides, smiles, kids, and families everywhere.

Arrive early and have fun with other veterans from Durham, Caswell, Person, and Orange Counties.  Take your camera and capture the activities.  This is the best event of Spring and starts off a steady succession of local parades where veterans are welcomed, honored, and saluted for their service to our Country.  It’s a must do event.

You’ll see manure wagons, lots of tractors, horses, old tyme cars and cars of the 1960’s and 70’s.  Kids travel in all kinds of equipment, floats, wagons, bikes, carts, and more.  Beauty Queens, local dignitaries, Ronald McDonald and the McMobile, and local County Sheriffs on motorcycles will lead the parade with lights flashing and horns blasting.

Past District Commander B J Boak will have extra golf carts to carry veterans who can not walk the parade route.  We need a few able bodied veterans to carry the post colors and national ensign.

A porta-pottie is on station at the assembly area.

Have questions?  Need more details, e-mail B J Boak or call him on his cell phone at 919 698 5567 or at home at 919 732 1580.  As B J says, “I hope ya’all can make it.  (That’s Southern talk!)”  To that, we can only add:  “You can’t have fun unless you get out and about and play!

Map to assembly area:

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