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Military Appreciation Day – March 26 – UNC

Carolina baseballThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will honor all Military Veterans at the baseball game in Boshamer Stadium on Saturday, March 26 at 2 pm.  The Heels will be facing Georgia Tech in a major ACC series.


Any military veteran will be admitted at no charge and should go to the ticket office at the stadium to get a free ticket. Tickets will also be available there for the veteran’s family members and friends attending with her or him at a price of $4 (regular price is $7 or $10).


There is NO RESTRICTION on where a veteran lives or comes from.  All district posts are invited as are veterans of the American Legion, DAV, and unaffiliated vets.  


Here is a list of what besides the game will happen at the stadium that day:

  • Heart Of Carolina chorus will be singing a medley of military songs pre-game, the national anthem and God Bless America
  • The head of the UNC Army ROTC will be throwing out the first pitch
  • Paws 4 People is inviting veterans with service dogs to the game who will be on the field for the anthem.
  • $5 All-You-Can-Eat Pre-Game buffet behind the 3rd base grandstands
  • Kids can take the field for the anthem with the team.
  • Trading card sheets for the first 500 fans

Veterans Day Discounts

veterans discountVeterans are popular on Veterans Day.  There are lots of special discounts and free offers available only to veterans.  Do you know what they are?


You can download a list of Veterans Day discounts for 2014 right here.  Download list 

Military Appreciation Day at Golden Corral


Louis Drogos, Navy Nurse, with husband, Gene, Navy Lighter than Air crewman. World War II
Louis Drogos, Navy Nurse, with husband, Gene, Navy Lighter than Air crewman. World War II

Golden Corral and its guests raise millions for Disabled American Veterans organization.  They do this by providing a free meal to local veterans at most Golden Corral restaurants.  The Disabled American Veterans are present at the dinner and accept donations for their programs to assist disabled veterans.


The Golden Corral Community. 2014 Military Appreciation Monday ‘thank you’ dinner is Monday, November 17, 2014 at 5 pm.  Learn more


Why not team up with fellow members and head to Golden Corral for a little socializing?

NC Division of Veterans Affairs

DVANC-logoNeed a one-stop shop for current news and information on local veterans affairs? The North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs has a site just for you. Visit their site at:


The division is there to help veterans avoid and solve problems relating to veterans programs and benefits.  You should never have to pay for assistance with veterans services or claims.  Learn more


The division also publishes a periodic newsletter that has current information and news on employment opportunities for veterans.  Take a look

Download (PDF, 5.13MB)

Special Veterans Day Event at Carolina  0

On Tuesday, November 11 (Veteran’s Day) at 9pm, Carolina Women’s Basketball will host Tennessee (one of the most successful women’s teams ever) at Carmichael Auditorium.  The athletic department is making this offer for this game.
UNC BasketballThe active duty military person or former military person will be admitted free and each of her/his family members with her/him will be admitted for 1/2 price ($5, normally $10).   In any case, the offer will be honored at the ticket window on the day of the game.  No military ID is required.  The URL is offered for people who want to know more and/or to print tickets prior to the game.
Carolina Athletics reports, “We will be celebrating Veteran’s Day at the Tennessee game on Nov. 11th.  All military veterans can come to game for free and purchase ½ tickets for their friends/family.  Here is a link to the offer . ”  Order tickets

Military Appreciation Day at UNC-Chapel Hill  0

Here is a UNC Chapel Hill special Military Appreciation Day  Women’s Basketball event for veterans coming up on Friday, November 8th.  Carolina plays Air Force at 4:30 pm in Carmichael Auditorium in Chapel Hill.

Carmichael Auditorium
Carmichael Auditorium

There is the special ticket deal for the ‘Military Appreciation Day’ game on Nov. 8th vs. Air Force at 4:30 pm. All active, retired and former military members can attend the game for free and purchase ½ price tickets ($5) for guests. Click here for details and tickets

It may not say it on the website, but the same offer will apply to vets who buy tickets at the ticket window at Carmichael on game day. Visit


UNC Chapel Hill vs. Duke – Apr 20th  0

Let’s all go to a ball game.  Let’s head to Carolina at Chapel Hill to cheer on Carolina as they face Duke University on April 20th.

Carolina baseballHere is your chance to do a family outing at low cost! Start the baseball season with some outstanding Carolina college baseball at UNC-Chapel Hill on Saturday, April 20th. Carolina is providing Military Family appreciation tickets for just $3 a person! The game will include a fireworks display.

The UNC Chapel Hill Athletic Department will have discounted tickets for military personnel (active, National Guard, active Reserves, active military personnel, and veterans) and their families for the baseball game with Duke on Saturday, April 20. Tickets for that game are normally $7 – $10, but the offer the University is making is for $3 per ticket for a military person and his/her family. For example, if a veteran took 3 of his/her grandchildren and his spouse to the game, the price would be 5 x $3 = $15 plus a $3 – $4 charge for the total order – $18 – $19 for 5 people. Even at the price for seats well down the left field or right field lines, the price for 5 people would be $35. This is a very special deal to honor military personnel in the area.

The Tar Heels are 25-2 and are ranked #1 in the country. Duke is a major rival for them so the game should be very competitive. Following the game will be fireworks – a wonderful way to end a warm spring evening at a baseball game! Kids (children and grandchildren) will love the game and the fireworks to follow. All military people present will be honored during the game.

Tickets for the game at this special price must be ordered on the web prior to the game. What follows is how that ordering is done:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Ticket Central
  3. Scroll over to Tickets, and put the cursor over it until the drop down menu appears
  4. Once the drop down menu appears click on promotions
  5. Enter the code BB13-TH10
  6. From there it will ask for quantity and payment information.

Special Instructions:

For each online order there will be a $3 to $4 dollar fee associated with it, so I would recommend ordering in groups instead of individual (if an order is for 5, use a quantity of 5, not 5 orders for 1 each. This is a special promotion and will only work for the UNC vs Duke game on April 20 at 6 p.m.

Spend Veterans Day at Carmichael Auditorium – Nov 11th  0

Rusty Edmister loves all things Carolina Blue. He is an advid booster and is very proud of it. One of his great joys is Carolina Tar Heels Women’s Basketball.

He is pleased to share with us that any veteran who goes to the ticket window at Carmichael Auditorium for the Carolina Tar Heel Women’s Basketball game on Sunday, November 11, at 5 pm will be sold enough tickets for the veteran and his/her guests at a price of $1 per ticket. The vet simply identifies himself or herself as a veteran and tells the ticket seller how many people are with her/him.

As an example, a veteran taking his family of 4 to the game would be sold 4 tickets for a total price of $4. A veteran taking her spouse, her son and daughter-in-law, and her 3 grandchildren would be sold 7 tickets for a total of $7.

The game starts at 5 pm. We cannot tell you who the opponent for the Heels will be, because this game will be the 2nd round of the Pre-season Women’s NIT. The opponent will be decided by games played on Friday. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, however, because the Heels have a terrific team, and this is an excellent chance to see them early in the season which promises to be a very good one. If you’ve never seen the Tar Heel women play basketball, you’ve missed a major treat. And by the way, it is a great way to show children or grandchildren another incredible Tar Heel team!

If you want to go and don’t know where this great team plays, it is Carmichael Auditorium. It is across the street from Cobb Dorm and the Old Chapel Hill Cemetery on South Rd. and a short walk from the School of Government. Map and directions

We thank the Rusty Edmister for arranging this special offer and the Athletic Department and the Tar Heel Women’s Basketball Program for their generosity and support of veterans.

Let’s support our team and head to Carmichael Auditorium on Veterans Day.

Verizon Offers Military Discounts  0

Verizon honors a special discount for Federal and Military employees.  The discount covers not only active duty and retirees, but also those who have served.  You just need your DD Form 214 to show you served.

The discount includes telephone, data links, and accessories.  It also waives activation fees.  Learn more, download:  Verizon Military Discounts