Spend Veterans Day at Carmichael Auditorium – Nov 11th  0

Rusty Edmister loves all things Carolina Blue. He is an advid booster and is very proud of it. One of his great joys is Carolina Tar Heels Women’s Basketball.

He is pleased to share with us that any veteran who goes to the ticket window at Carmichael Auditorium for the Carolina Tar Heel Women’s Basketball game on Sunday, November 11, at 5 pm will be sold enough tickets for the veteran and his/her guests at a price of $1 per ticket. The vet simply identifies himself or herself as a veteran and tells the ticket seller how many people are with her/him.

As an example, a veteran taking his family of 4 to the game would be sold 4 tickets for a total price of $4. A veteran taking her spouse, her son and daughter-in-law, and her 3 grandchildren would be sold 7 tickets for a total of $7.

The game starts at 5 pm. We cannot tell you who the opponent for the Heels will be, because this game will be the 2nd round of the Pre-season Women’s NIT. The opponent will be decided by games played on Friday. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, however, because the Heels have a terrific team, and this is an excellent chance to see them early in the season which promises to be a very good one. If you’ve never seen the Tar Heel women play basketball, you’ve missed a major treat. And by the way, it is a great way to show children or grandchildren another incredible Tar Heel team!

If you want to go and don’t know where this great team plays, it is Carmichael Auditorium. It is across the street from Cobb Dorm and the Old Chapel Hill Cemetery on South Rd. and a short walk from the School of Government. Map and directions

We thank the Rusty Edmister for arranging this special offer and the Athletic Department and the Tar Heel Women’s Basketball Program for their generosity and support of veterans.

Let’s support our team and head to Carmichael Auditorium on Veterans Day.

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