Raising Funds for Veterans Relief

We are dusting off our outside chairs, checking the rigging of our VFW Service Canopy, and scheduling fall events at the Franklin Street downtown Post Office.  We will be on site September 7, 21st and 28th.  We return on October 26, and in November we will be there on the 2nd and 23rd.


Our focus this year is the VFW Buddy Poppy Program and recruiting local veterans.


Chapel Hill’s Post 9100 members gather at the Franklin Street Post Office Plaza to “meet and greet” passersby and veterans.  We do this for several reasons.  

  1. To engage the public and share the mission of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
  2. To share the programs of the VFW; for example: Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen Scholarships
  3. Share the mission of the VFW Buddy Poppy program and its benefit to local Veterans’ Relief.
  4. To assist those seeking information on VA resources, claims, and the services of the Orange County Veterans Service Office.

Chapel Hill VFW Teacher of the Year

C. V. Cummings Chapel Hill Post 9100 is very pleased to announce our 2018 awardee of the Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher Award.  We have selected Ms. Robin McMahon, Smith Middle  School, Chapel Hill.  As our local winner, Ms. McMahon was awarded $100 and local post support for her “NC to Normandy 2019” project.


Her nominating officer wrote, “The headline in the Smith Middle School newsletter said it all. It proclaimed “Veterans Day weekend 2018 will long be remembered by six Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools students as the official launch of their “NC to Normandy 2019” campaign to bring two World War II veterans back to Normandy, France, for the 75th Commemoration Ceremonies next June.”


Yes, Robin McMahon, a local French teacher has formed another group of current and former students for a trip to Normandy and Belgium. The students will escort two World War II veterans who served in Europe on a journey to the beaches of Normandy and the D-Day battle zones. They will stay with local French and Belgium families and relive their wartime experience, but this time as honored guests.


This is not the first trip for Robin McMahon and her students. It is the third trip that I have had the pleasure of personally supporting through our local Veterans of Foreign Wars Chapel Hill Post 9100. Several of our members have gone to France as part of her program. What makes Ms. McMahon’s efforts so very unique is that she does not treat the event as a week away from school on a field trip. It is more than a student adventure.


She insists that her students plan, fund, and take the trip as a special project that honors others and involves veterans. They are required to raise all funds needed—at least $20,000. The students work with private groups, veterans groups, and through the media to raise the money. They plan every part of the trip with the focus on the veterans’ and their experience. Finally, they report on their trip by creating a formal video project that documents the journey from concept to ‘mission accomplished’.”


The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 9100, is a strong advocate of Ms. McMahon and her students.  We look forward to assisting her and helping with project funding.

VFW Local Contest Winners Announced

Patriot’s Pen and Voice of Democracy contests for North Carolina and National competitions are ongoing, but local winners for Chapel Hill Post 9100 and VFW District 6 have been announced.


The local Post 9100 winners are:


Patriot’s Pen – Ashlyn L Oakley 

Voice of Democracy – Amelia Solum


Both local contest winners will receive a $100 cash scholarship.


2018-2019 District Patriot Pen Contest winners are as follows:


   First Place – Rachel Manning – Post 7316 Yanceyville
   Second Place – David Campbell – Post 2417 Henderson
   Third Place – Catherine Buck – Post 1920 Mebane
District judging was done by four educators who have classroom experience.
Voice of Democracy District winner announcement was released today, Dec 5th.  They are:
   1st – – Frederick Russell, Jr – Durham Post 2740 
   2nd – – Kyrie Coverson – Mebane Post 1920 
   3rd – – Melanie Slaton – Henderson Post 2417

Youth Scholarships Available

Every year thousands of dollars are given to students by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Just think about it.  Your child could be the recipient of a $30,000 college scholarship just for writing an essay that is orally presented.


Chapel Hill students have frequently taken North Carolina top honors and some have gone on to the national competition.


Veterans of Foreign Wars scholarships are available now, but you must enter one of two national contests to have a chance to win.  Local winners receive an award certificate and a cash prize.  All local first place winners receive $100 and go on to judging in the district and state competition and one winner from each contest represent the VFW Department of North Carolina in the national competition. But remember, you have to enter to win!  Learn more


Chapel Hill contestants did quite well in the 2017-18 competitions.  Winners were:

  • Voice of Democracy, Amelia Solum.  She won Chapel Hill area, won District competition, and then went to the state-wide competition.
  • Patriot’s Pen, Summer Marold.  She also won Chapel Hill area, then won the District competition, and finally participated in the state-wide competition.



Yanceyville Receives National VFW Award

Yanceyville VFW Post 7316 received the VFW National Outstanding Community Service Award, along with 61 other posts. Post 7316 was the only North Carolina Post to receive the award: there are about 6400 VFW posts across the country and some foreign posts as well. The awards were given out at a luncheon where the Nation Commander-In-Chief spoke.


Post 7316 was recognized because of all the things done for the community in Caswell County by the local VFW Post. A major, continuing local project is the design and construction of 28 ramps for the elderly, handicapped, and Veterans built in 18 months. Keith Newcomer is the post member that has chaired the ramp project and he has been a tremendous help.


The post also does Veteran funerals, co-sponsor Memorial Day and Veterans Day, several members deliver Meals on Wheels, do the colors at high school graduation, several members are also on the committee to build a County Veteran’s Memorial also. The post also works with the middle school and high school with the Patriots Pen and Voice of Democracy essay contests and many small things to make our community better, we help promote patriotism across Caswell County.


Also at the VFW National Convention in Kansas City was Trace Adkins in concert. Convention speakers for the convention included Harris Faulkner from Fox News, Lt. Colonel Ollie North-National Rifle Association President, and the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.


After the awards luncheon and business sessions on Tuesday Keith Newcomer and Post 7316 Commander Fred Smith, along with their wives started the journey home. They were beaming with pride as they were very proud to receive the award for their Yanceyville post. Commander Fred Smith commented, “We are a small post, but we are proud to work in our community to make our community better.”


In addition to the plaque given to the post, a road sign was also given. The Post will soon purchase four more signs from the National VFW Store, as the Town of Yanceyville has agreed to let Post 7316 install one at each gateway into town. The sign project will take a couple of months to complete. So, keep your eyes when you come thru Yanceyville. Look for them as you enter the town and check out the sign.

Local Business Supports Our Vets

Vacuum Cleaner Hospital, Chapel Hill, has reached out to area veterans through the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  They are holding a local raffle for customers to raise money and awareness of the need to help veterans.  Customers donate $10 and have a chance to win a new vacuum cleaner that has been decorated with a patriotic theme.


The money raised will go to our Veterans Relief Fund. This fund supports needy veterans and their families.  It can be assistance to a homeless veteran, vets undergoing long-term care at the Durham VAMC, student scholarships, student veterans needing special financial assistance (books, laptop, etc.), veterans with disabilities, disaster relief, and more. 


Our Post has several programs and projects to help us raise well over $2,000 each year for our Veterans Relief Fund. Our fund is not used by our local post members for post support and operations.  One hundred percent of our fund dollars go to help those in need.


We thank the great folks at the Vacuum Cleaner Hospital for remembering our veterans and for selecting the Veterans of Foreign Wars as the recipient of their donation.


You can participate and purchase raffle tickets until the date of the drawing: Tuesday, July 31st.  Visit the Vacuum Cleaner Hospital on South Elliott Rd., Chapel Hill.  For more information on their services and products, visit their website.

A Reason to Be Proud

“From a small seed, a mighty oak may grow.”  – Aeschylus.  That quote is very, very old, but the words ring true and there are countless examples of it in nature and in life.


For our little post, it is very true.  We have accomplished much during our twenty plus years to support the community, promote Veterans of Foreign War Programs, assist veterans, and maintain our military traditions.  Memorial Day is just one of those traditions.


Each year our Post members gathered at the Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery to place flags on each veteran’s grave.  Later, we added a special Memorial Service after flag placement.  Next, we added a Monday (Memorial Day) service, which was followed by the addition of a no-host breakfast for all veterans and their families after flag placement.  Age gradually caught up with the core volunteers, so we enlisted the help of a few Scouts.  The few became many, and another tradition was begun.


Local Memorial Day weekend events, that began with the efforts of a few of our earliest members,  has ensured that Memorial Day and other Patriotic events flourished.  We are honored to have been a catalyst for veterans activities and hope that you join us for flag placement at 6:30 am on Saturday, May 26th, at the Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery.  You will marvel, as we do, at the veterans camaraderie and volunteers’ helpfulness.  We’ll even give you a flag to place and the story behind the action.  


There are lots of events coming to and going on in Chapel Hill, and all have their roots in the efforts of C V Cummings Chapel Hill Post 9100, Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Watch our pages or follow us on FaceBook to see what events are happening in Chapel Hill over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Share Our Vision For Service

Here is a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  It says it all and answers the question, “What do you do?”


What do you think?  Are you, as a veteran of overseas service in a combat zone, ready to join us?


“Before the Colors Fade”

“Before the Colors Fade” is the title of a story about six Chapel Hill Veterans who went to Arlington to help say a final “goodbye” to a friend and fellow soldier, Carl Fritz. I am reminded of that trip and the camaraderie that we shared in a chartered Greyhound Scenicruiser to Arlington, Washington, and the World War II Memorial.  I am also reminded that we are losing more and more of the history of the Great War, The War to End All Wars, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Kuwait, the Gulf and more.  


We celebrate the living on Veterans Day.  We remember the dead on Memorial Day.  So, why not spend some time with a veteran on Veterans Day.  Young or old, ask them to share a small part of their story.  You will be glad you did.  So will they.


Here is a story about two boys and an old sailor from the USS Yorktown.  Watch it and you will understand.


Twin boys surprised by their WWII hero

In an era of pop culture overhype, two young brothers remind us who our American idols really are.

Posted by Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Veterans Day 2017

There are lots of events in and around Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough and Orange County.  We hope that you will attend one or more of the local events.


We encourage you to join in at the Orange County Veterans Memorial for their commemorative event and to see the improvements on the memorial.  We are completing the memorial in phases and as we raise the funds needed to complete it.


Want to see a list of events for Veterans Day?  Download our list.