Mark Sumner Returns to Normandy

The trip to Normandy and France by East Chapel Hill High School students is on!  The students are escorting two World War II veterans back to France so that they can participate in the final commemoration of D-Day.  It is the 70th and final commemoration.
 “We have thankfully raised all the funds to bring Ed Chappell and Mark Sumner and their family member…we are so excited and have so much information to share!” said, Robin McMahon, project coordinator and former French teacher to the traveling students.  This is their return trip to France for D-Day events.
Photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U.S. National Archives
Photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U.S. National Archives

McMahon also announced that the town of Bastogne is going to give them a special medal ceremony at the World War II museum to honor Mark Sumner’s fighting at the Battle of the Bulge!   The travelers will stay with local citizens during their week-long journey.

We commend these dedicated students for their quest to ensure that some living veterans can return to Europe and trace their steps.  From project conception, planning, fundraising and coordination with caring groups in both the local area and France, they did it all.  Congratulations on a “Job Well Done!”  We look forward to their sharing their experience with the post on their return.
Learn more about this student project and to donate toward project expenses, visit:
There are a lot of stories about D-Day and we have lost a lot of our World War II D-Day warriors.  Let’s not forget their bravery and sacrifices.  You can learn more here

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