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In April 2012, Matthew Nash attended a Chapel Hill VFW meeting and interviewed Bob Patton for his upcoming film, 16 Photographs at Ohrdruf.   The film is now complete and will soon be shown and premieres in Cambridge, MA, this spring.   Robert Patton was part of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp liberation force.  His eye witness account helped in the research for the film.

Ohrdruf CCMatthew Nash knew of the family photographs and was able to make copies before they were lost forever.  With only a small stack of his grandfather’s photos for guidance, filmmaker Matthew Nash tries to understand a family secret that began on April 4, 1945. His search revealed the horror of the first concentration camp found by the Allies and the amazing story of the soldiers who uncovered the Holocaust.

The premiere screening of this documentary is scheduled for April 4, 2013, on the 68th anniversary of the discovery of the camp at Ohrdruf. Starting at 6pm, the film will be introduced by a presentation by Dr. Geoffrey Megargee of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Dr. Megargee also appears in the film.

16 Photographs at Ohrdruf
Lesley University’s Marran Theatre
36 Mellon Street, Cambridge MA

This event is free and open to the public, but seating is limited so click here to reserve your seat today.

Watch the trailer and learn more about the film at

Also, as is necessary with independent film, they are currently hosting an online fundraiser at IndieGoGo to help pay the costs of showing this film in festivals and screenings throughout the U.S. and overseas. If you would like  to support the film by donating between now and April 4,  the filmakers would be most appreciative.


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