Post History

The life of a post may span a year or nearly 100 years.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars has been around a long time and we are still adding new posts here in North Carolina.   There are posts in every state of the Union and in our possessions, territories, and overseas where we serve today.

Our post was chartered on October 30th, 1985.  It is named after a deceased member, T/Sgt Carey V. Cummings, U.S. Army Air Force.  Carey Cummings believed in the VFW and he provided the post with a significant donation from his estate.  His foresight enabled our post to grow strong and become very active in our community.

Our membership is growing steadily, but we lose some due to age.  Everyone is welcome to join our post, but you must meet the membership criteria. You can check to see if you are eligible by following this link.

If you find that you are eligible, we recommend you come back to this web site and contact us directly.  Signing up on the national site will put you in an at-large membership group.  Our local dues are lower, and for this year, your first year’s membership is waived.  The post members will pay your dues for you.  It is our way of saying, “Welcome Home.”

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