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Our post gets inquiries about assistance for family members who are elderly and receiving final care.  Here is information we share with them.

C. V. Cummings and fellow airmen at war.
C. V. Cummings and fellow airmen at war.

Your father father, mother, brother or sister, as a honorably separated member of the U.S. Uniformed Services, is entitled to a military funeral and interment at a national or state veterans cemetery.  Family can do advance planning with the State Veterans Cemeteries at Black Mountain and Salisbury, North Carolina.  They will let you apply and have your information on file for when you have a final need.  It also helps the funeral director.

Consider assisting your family  member with a video biography for inclusion in the North Carolina State Archives.  Rusty Edmister is our post historian and has done over 124 video biographies of local veterans for the State Archives.  The interviewee is provided with several copies of the recorded interview for family members.  The process is simple and the result is a living testimonial of the veteran’s military contributions and service.  For more information, contact Rusty Edmister.
Funeral directors in our area that have assisted with funerals for veterans and have obtained an honor guard from the military are:  (1) Hall-Wynne and Clements Funeral Homes in Durham, and (2) Walkers Funeral Home, Chapel Hill.
As your veteran is still mobile, although limited, I encourage you to sign him up for membership with the local VFW post, especially ours.  Membership will get him in the pipeline for the VFW’s national magazine and state newspaper, The VFW Leader.  Our post also provides veterans information by email.  A copy of his DD Form 214  Record of Separation from Military Service is needed to show eligibility, but anything you have to show overseas service during a period of military conflict (photo, letter, citation, etc.) would serve the same purpose.
To plan for the future, you need to obtain a DD Form 214.  If you can not locate one, you can apply on-line for a replacement.  Here is the link:
Our post website has a lot of links to resources.  We encourage you to contact the Orange County Veterans Service Officer for assistance in signing up for VA benefits such as Aid and Attendance assistance.  Here is the link to that page on our website:
At a minimum, you may be able to get  Aide and Attendance Assistance and prescribed medicines.  Aide and Attendance provides funds to have someone attend to the needs of a home bound veteran, age 65 or older, who is receiving Social Security. Here is a link to information:
For cemetery info, see:
  1. Salisbury:
  2. Black Mountain:
I hope this assists you as you prepare for future needs.  Please feel free to contact me for additional help.  I look forward to meeting your dad and welcoming him as a new member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars C. V. Cummings Chapel Hill Post 9100.


My parents ashes were just buried at the Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery last month and I just happened to go by to visit them yesterday. What a surprise to see all the flags!! Thank you for doing that. There were two extra flags on the ground so I got one to add to my parents’ tombstone by the lamp post near the driveway. My Dad, James Clyde Welch, Jr. was a West Point career Army officer. The tombstone says
Lt. Col. U. S. Army
We moved every year and made a lot of sacrifices along with Dad, for love of country, so you can imagine how touched I was to see that people still honor him, and now, the living relatives who helped make his service possible. God bless you all! Bobbi and Larry Stogner

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