Speakers’ Bureau

Invite this speaker to your event. He has a story to tell.

Our members have some pretty interesting stories to tell.  Many are heroes.  Actually, all veterans are heroes for going overseas to keep the fight there and not here.

Our members are quite modest.  Their speaking skills are very good and they enjoy talking to mixed crowds and students. Many have come home and had distinguished careers in finance, medicine, education, and business management.

They are not interested in reliving their war experiences, but each of them are honored to have had the chance to serve for you.  They are willing to talk about their experiences and life in the military.  There is a lot of work and time between the swearing in ceremony and arrival on site in a war zone.

You are invited to contact us and ask for their participation.  Remember that this is a volunteer event.  Some members may need transportation and if you are a long way from Chapel Hill, you are expected to provide mileage and a meal stipend to defray their personal expenses.  Their story is free.

Take a look at our speakers and judge for yourself.  Learn more


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