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The book that won First Place!

Veterans of Foreign Wars National Headquarters announced the winners of the 2011 Publications Contest.  C. V. Cummings Chapel Hill Post 9100, Lee Heavlin, Editor, was announced as the First Place winner for the small post category.   Post 9100 was the only North Carolina winner in the annual publications contest.  Read announcement.

The announcement noted, “Two non-VFW-affiliated journalism professionals—a photojournalist and a former 20-year newspaper editor—served as judges for the competition.”

This is good news for our post.  We have worked hard to promote the Veterans of Foreign Wars and its programs by becoming active in our community and district.  Our events, parades, members, contests, scholarships, and programs gave us a lot to talk about and to share.  That is what got us to create our post publication.

It all started with an interest in improving communications within the post.  We were using email to distribute stories and photos, but they use a lot of computer space and are often deleted.  We were losing our post history. That changed with the first publication of stories as a Post News Blog  in October, 2005.

Our post news blog is written in a chatty, folksie, down-home style.  It is just a conversation with friends about what is important to our members.  It is fun to read, but it helps to have an energetic post with members who get out and about and do things in our community.  Without their work, we would have nothing to write about.

Some of our post stories have been picked up for publication in other media.  In addition, Lee Heavlin’s articles have appeared in local newspapers as contributing articles or as a guest columnist or viewpoint article.

Our award-winning publication is a compilation of post stories for calendar year 2010.  You can read all of the stories in the book by visiting our blog archive.  We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did making them happen.

Lee Heavlin is also the blogmaster/storyteller for the VFW Department of North Carolina state website and blog.

Interested in learning more about our post?  Learn more.

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