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Basketball Raffle Winner Announced

Each year our post holds a raffle to raise money for our Veterans Relief Fund. The raffle has two purposes. One is to raise money for veterans assistance. The other it to show the local community that we have an active and vibrant group of veterans by meeting and greeting passersby in beautiful downtown Chapel Hill.

World War II Vet Elmer Hughes passes out Buddy Poppies
World War II Vet Elmer Hughes passes out Buddy Poppies

We are proud to announce that our raffle was a great success. We sold every available ticket and we thank everyone who participated, especially our Carolina Alumni.


The drawing for the pair of season tickets for Tar Heel Men’s Basketball for the 2015-2016 season was held this afternoon. There were 300 tickets in the tub from which the winner was drawn. The winner was Lee Heavlin, a career Navy veteran from Carrboro who finished his career as the Administrative Officer for the Navy ROTC Unit on campus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


$3000 was raised from our raffle ticket sales. We can’t begin to tell you how important it is for our Chapel Hill VFW Post to help needy veterans who come to us for financial assistance. The fund into which the raffle ticket money went is our source for that help. We call it our Veterans Relief Fund.


Other money that goes into that fund is what we raise from our Buddy Poppy efforts. This is a nationwide VFW program to raise money for veteran assistance. You may see men and women in front of grocery stores or “big box” retailers, especially around Veterans Day, giving away small red and green flowers. These poppies are made by disabled veterans and are given to people by VFW members to remind them of the sacrifices made by members of our military. Donations are gladly accepted but not requested from those to whom the poppies are given. Again, every penny raised goes into the fund from which assistance is provided to veterans in financial need who approach the local VFW Post.

Hendricks at Exchange Club

Post Commander Lewis Hendricks recently visited the Hillsborough Exchange Club.  We were asked to provide a speaker to share their thoughts and experiences of Iraq.


Hendricks Exchange Club
Commander Hendricks prepares for his talk.

Commander Hendricks’ topic was Carolina on My Mind.  He share his experiences before going overseas, the experiences of his spouse and children, his mid-tour visit home, and the final months of his tour.  Carolina was always on his mind.  Lewis took some photos of the family and compiled a video that was a composite of life in Iraq and at home.  


The Exchange Club had about 30 members in attendance and seemed in awe as they watched the video.  It brought the conflict home and many remembered their own experiences as a family member or serviceman.  Commander Hendricks held an open mike questions and answer session.  Lots of interesting questions came up and his frank, honest, and sincere impressions were very welcome.


We made new friends at the Exchange Club.  We shared experiences and compared our post to the club.  Our challenges were much the same as were our goals.  The Exchange Club Covenant of Service says it all:


Accepting the divine privilege of single and collective responsibility as life’s
Noblest gift, I covenant with my fellow Exchangites:
To consecrate my best energies to the uplifting of Social, Religious, Political and
Business ideals;
To discharge the debt I owe to those of high and low estate who have served and
sacrificed that the heritage of American citizenship might be mine;
To honor and respect law, to serve my fellowmen, and to uphold the ideals and
institutions of my Country;
To implant the life‐giving, society‐building spirit of Service and Comradeship in
my social and business relationships;
To serve in Unity with those seeking better conditions, better understandings,
and greater opportunities for all.


The Hillsborough Exchange Club has some very interesting accomplishments.  They include a 20 acre park area near downtown, they were the first Hillsborough Town Park, they provide space for scouting and DMV training, and are very active in the community with community service projects.  We appreciated the invitation to speak and to learn more about our local civilian non-profit groups.


If you need a speaker for your event, let us know.  Just check our Speakers’ Bureau page for details.

New Year’s Day Pig Picking  0

It is time to head to Jerry Pilarski’s  annual pig picking!  He has been hosting this family event (for all ages and generations) for nearly 50 years as a way to give back to his family and friends.  He is assisted and joined by other local families to make this annual event possible.

It is on New Years Day starting at 2:30 pm and meal at 3:30 pm. We are doing it in the country at a 4H Barn just off Orange Grove Rd, Hillsborough.  You are invited and are encouraged to bring along the kids and grandchildren.  They will keep busy exploring the 4H barn and are sure to make new friends.

Jerry Pilarski is cooking the shoulders for our enjoyment.  Everyone is asked to bring a family favorite covered side dish or dessert.  There is always the traditional corn bread, black-eyed peas, and greens.  You are encouraged to show off your family favorite or ethnic dish.

1-Jerry NY BBQ Jan 07 (15)The 4H Barn has plenty of seating and lots of room for you to walk around to meet and greet others.  It is a great place for kids or grandchildren.  There is a large open area that looks out over Orange County and Dairyland Road.  Kids love to stroll around and have fun with other kids.  Attire is rustic.  Enjoy you day.  Wear jeans and a casual shirt.  Relax!

The event will be behind the Cane Creek Church Activity Center, 6716 Orange Grove Rd., Hillsborough (it’s just north of the Orange Grove Volunteer Fire Department).  View Map